Cableguys Shaperbox 3 Review

Cableguys Shaperbox 3 is out, and it’s better than ever.


The GUI is the same as its previous version, but with a few features here and there that make this product worth the upgrade from previous versions.


The sidechain feature is welcome because it makes Shaperbox 3 not only a production tool but also an extensively versatile mixing weapon.

While this kind of plugin was mostly implemented by producers while mixing their own tracks, now the sidechain function makes it a viable option when it comes to mixing with stems provided by others.

An even nicer thing is the sidechain input view, making it easier to create smooth ducking curves that blend with your input signal. This way, second-guessing isn’t a thing anymore.


Liquid is a phaser-flanger effect, a staple for bass music producers. While the effect itself doesn’t implement anything new, the stepper window that characterizes this plugin is indeed a cool feature that allows creating wild movements without having to do that within a soft synth, and also saves a lot of tedious clicks if you are used to doing that in your DAW automation lines.

The sidechain function here makes it a deadly plus that allows implementing this kind of effect seamlessly as you were using an envelope inside your soft synth.


The browser has seen a nice upgrade. The categorization is intuitive, and the preset list includes an overview of which effects are used in each preset, making it even faster to scan.

How I use it

The most notable uses I’ve found for this plugin as of now are:

  • sidechain compression
  • creative and rhythmic bitcrushing
  • envelope shaping
  • phasing-flanging sounds rhythmically
  • tweaking the stereo image and panning in a more organic way


As far as I can tell, this plugin isn’t irreplaceable, in fact, many things can be replicated with your stock effects, BUT, this all-in-one tool makes several works so much easier to do that its a no-brainer if you’re about saving time while achieving the same results as before or even improving them.

This plugin has now officially become a viable mixing tool regardless of the genre you want to mix.

Now I see this plugin becoming a great companion if you’re a sound designer or loop maker because you can enrich sounds and loops so many within a unique interface.

The fact that you can save presets of chain effects AND automation curves is something that you can do only with this kind of plugin, and Shaperbox is the king in its league.

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