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In audio production, expanders and gates play an essential role in controlling noise and unwanted bleed, tightening up sounds, and maintaining a clean mix. There are many high-quality paid plugins available for these tasks, but you don't need to break the bank to achieve excellent results. In this article, we'll present the best free expanders and gates that you can add to your audio toolkit today. Let's dive in!

A1Audio A1Triggergate

A1Audio A1Triggergate

A1Triggergate is a versatile gate plugin that offers rhythmic gating and sequencing capabilities. With a built-in step sequencer, you can create complex patterns and easily control the gate's behavior. The plugin features adjustable attack, hold, and release times, as well as input and output gain controls.

Download A1Triggergate

Airwindows Gate

Gate is a simple little utility plugin in which the gate transitions to silence through a ‘negative saturation’ stage. This causes sounds hit by the gate to sound like they’re pulling back spatially as well as going silent, something that is still unique to Airwindows to this day.

Download Airwindows Gate

Auburn Sounds Renegate

Auburn Sounds Renegate

Renegate by Auburn Sounds is a full-band gate plugin designed for simplicity and efficiency. It offers precise control over the gating process with an intuitive user interface. Renegate provides adjustable threshold, attack, hold, release, and hysteresis settings, making it a powerful tool for eliminating unwanted noise and shaping your audio.

Download Auburn Sounds Renegate

Bob Perry Gate 2

Bob Perry Gate 2 is a flexible noise gate plugin that delivers clean and transparent gating with a user-friendly interface. It features adjustable threshold, attack, hold, release, and range controls, as well as a sidechain input for external triggering. This gate is perfect for cleaning up drum recordings, reducing noise, or creating rhythmic effects.

Download Bob Perry Gate 2

FKFX Noise Bleach

FKFX Noise Bleach

FKFX Noise Bleach is an advanced noise gate and expander plugin that offers precise control over the gating process. With a unique algorithm that adapts to the input signal, it provides clean and transparent results. Noise Bleach features adjustable threshold, ratio, attack, release, and makeup gain controls, as well as a sidechain input for external triggering.

Download FKFX Noise Bleach

Kilohearts Gate

Kilohearts Gate

Kilohearts Gate is a simple yet powerful gate plugin that helps you clean up your audio and eliminate unwanted noise. Its easy-to-use interface offers adjustable threshold, attack, release, and range controls. Kilohearts Gate is perfect for producers looking for a straightforward and efficient tool to tighten up their mixes.

Download Kilohearts Gate


These free expanders and gates provide a range of options to help you manage noise and create cleaner, tighter mixes. With their intuitive interfaces and powerful features, these plugins are perfect for both beginners and experienced producers. Add them to your audio toolkit today and start enhancing your tracks with precision and ease. Happy mixing!

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