Product Download

Our products are currently delivered by Internet download only. Once your order has been processed, you'll be able to download your files at the checkout page and we will also send you a confirmation email with a download link using the email address you provided on our order form.

You have 2 downloads per product at your disposal. We strongly recommend downloading all the content from a desktop.

We recommend using your actual First and Last names at the checkout so it will be easier for us to contact you for marketing purposes and to recall your orders if required.

We also recommend using your most reliable email address in order to deliver your download links efficiently.



We receive an alert as soon as you access your content from 3 IP addresses.

We will notify you when we retain there's suspicious activity with your order.

Too many IP accesses will be flagged as piracy and unallowed sharing of our contents. We manually check each IP access and we arrogate the right to revoke the access to our content to whoever is accessing our content from several distant locations.

We retain the right to revoke the access to each content purchased by anyone who is responsible for piracy as it represents a danger for us.


Missing Delivery

Our products are automatically delivered. 

The main cause of missing receipt and download emails is mistyping the email address. At the checkout, it's not possible to verify your email address in real-time so we suggest to copy and paste it or using the autofill function (if set up correctly) if you're not confident with typing your email.

Contact us if you're experiencing this issue and we'll proceed with sending you a new download link as soon as possible.

We require the First and Last names used at the checkout and your correct email address. 

We will resend the download link only if we ascertain that the email address has been mistyped, we won't deliver any download link to an evidently different address.