Blair Rebound: Color Bass Ableton Max for Live device

Blair has developed a Max for Live device named Rebound, which offers an innovative approach to sound manipulation. This device allows you to define unique filter shapes and create various sound effects, including shimmering colored bass, deep spectral bass, and ethereal pads. 

With 256 adjustable bands that can change dynamically, Rebound provides you with extensive control over your audio.

  1. Create Beautiful Color Bass
  2. Draw Unique Filter Shapes
  3. Offers a different approach to filtering than traditional methods
  4. Spectrally modulate 256 LFOs simultaneously
  5. Normal mode for smooth sounds
  6. Glitchy mode for an icy sound
  7. Spectral Gating & Smoothing

Spectrally gate what you draw to create bleep-bloop sounds

Increase smoothing to create beautiful decays.

Rebound is compatible with Ableton Live Suite and Standard version with Max for Live, and it can be purchased for a price of 59.97 USD.


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