0v1 Recordings Plutonium & PlutoniumXtra

In the realm of audio plugins, the Plutonium and Plutonium Extra by 0v1 Records stand out as unique tools that operate on a psychoacoustic level. But what does that mean, and how can it elevate your mix? Let's dive in.

Understanding the Interface

At first glance, Plutonium Extra offers sections like "head", "throat", "lower belly", and "tailbone", while Plutonium presents feelings such as "aggressive", "sensual", and "protective". Both plugins operate on a vertical axis, aiming to alter how a mix is perceived. They offer different modes tailored for mastering, mix bus, vocals, drums, and more, providing a range of sonic goals from "humanize" to "white noise".

The Subtle Impact

Upon testing, the effect of these plugins is subtle but significant. With just a few tweaks, they can add depth to the low end, warmth to the bass, or weight to the drums. The difference is comparable to console emulations, contributing non-linear summing to the mix.

The Psychoacoustic Approach

What sets these plugins apart is their psychoacoustic approach. They play on how different frequencies interact with our bodies. For instance, sub-frequencies are felt more in the belly, while upper bass resonates in the chest. This understanding of how sound waves interact with our flesh and bones adds a unique dimension to the mix.

Who is it for?

Given its subtle nature, these plugins might not be for everyone. They're best suited for professionals or those with a trained ear who can discern the nuanced changes they bring. For beginners or intermediates, the difference might be too subtle to notice.

The Verdict

While having both Plutonium and Plutonium Extra might seem redundant, their combined capabilities offer a unique touch to the mix. It would be beneficial if they could interact or link with each other for a more cohesive experience. However, their unpredictability is also their charm. They're tools to experiment with, and if they enhance the mix, they're worth keeping.

In conclusion, if you're looking for that final touch to elevate your mix, the Plutonium plugins might just be the psychoacoustic wizardry you need.


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