Benefits of standing up during music production

Discover a simple yet transformative tip: standing up. This unconventional advice has significantly improved my life, especially as a new parent balancing baby duties with work. Standing up while working offers numerous benefits:

  • Reduces Prolonged Sitting: Encourages movement throughout the day.
  • Boosts Engagement and Focus: Enhances concentration on tasks at hand.
  • Enhances Music Experience: For those mixing or producing music, standing allows for a more immersive and responsive interaction with the music.

Personal Insights

While working on a drum-based track, standing enabled me to instantly assess the synergy between the kick and bass, leading to more effective adjustments. This approach contrasts with the passive nature of sitting, offering a more dynamic and involved work posture.

Challenges with Motorized Desks

Initial attempts with a motorized desk were hindered by its wobbling, a drawback of its moving parts, and its high cost. This led me to explore alternative solutions.

Finding the Right Setup

The necessity of accommodating a 49-key keyboard without compromising on functionality led to a detailed search for the perfect stand-up module. The solution? A sturdy setup complemented by a rubber rug to alleviate heel stress, making extended standing sessions comfortable.

Flexible Working Environment

Embrace a hybrid approach by alternating between sitting and standing. This balance promotes both a sedentary and active lifestyle, enhancing overall well-being and productivity.


Investing in a stand-up working setup can revolutionize your work and creative processes. Remember, it's about finding the right balance that suits your lifestyle and needs.


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