Sonible Smart:EQ 4 and Pure:EQ Review

In the realm of audio plugins, Sonible's Smart:EQ 4 and Pure:EQ are making waves for their innovative AI-driven capabilities. Let's explore their features and determine which one best suits your audio needs.

User-Friendly Interfaces

Pure:EQ and Smart:EQ 4 boast clean, intuitive interfaces. Pure:EQ is designed for simplicity, making it easy to apply quick fixes with minimal controls. On the other hand, Smart:EQ 4 offers a more advanced layout with numerous options for detailed sound shaping.

Precision with AI

Both plugins leverage AI technology to enhance your audio experience, but they serve slightly different purposes:


  • Sound Profiles: Offers AI-driven sound profiles that quickly correct issues in individual tracks.
  • Dynamic EQ: Adjust between static and dynamic behavior for responsive sound adjustments.
  • Filters: Includes high-pass and low-pass filters for additional sound shaping.
  • Relies exclusively on AI and machine-learning.

Smart:EQ 4:

  • Node Creation: Allows for detailed sound manipulation by creating and adjusting EQ nodes. Dynamic EQ’ing on nodes is featured too.
  • Stereo and Mid/Side Processing: Offers flexible processing options for more control over your mix.
  • AI Profiles: Provides a wider range of profiles for various instruments and genres, including full mixes.
  • It isn’t exclusively tied to machine-learning.

Ease of Use

Both plugins are user-friendly but cater to different levels of expertise and needs. Pure:EQ is perfect for quick, efficient sound enhancements, while Smart:EQ 4 provides a comprehensive toolset for more detailed and creative mixing.


Pure:EQ is ideal for users seeking rapid fixes and straightforward sound enhancement. Its simplicity makes it a go-to tool for quick adjustments, ensuring your tracks are clean and polished with minimal fuss.

Smart:EQ 4, however, is better suited for those who need detailed control and versatility in their mixes. Its advanced features and extensive sound profiles make it a powerful tool for achieving professional-grade results.

Whether you need a quick fix or a detailed mix, Sonible’s Pure:EQ and Smart:EQ 4 offer robust solutions to meet your audio needs. Try them out and discover which one helps you achieve the perfect sound.


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