Sonible smart:Gate | The content-aware gate

Are you tired of battling your audio tracks to achieve the perfect sound? Does it seem like a never-ending task to isolate and refine elements of your drum loops or samples? Enter Sonible's smart:Gate plugin - a tool that makes these tasks not only possible but also efficient and reliable.

Uncomplicated Interface

Sonible's smart:Gate plugin is known for its user-friendly interface. It offers a variety of target presets that allow you to select the type of sound you wish to refine - from vocals and speech to guitar acoustics. There's also an audition mode button that places the smart gate into analysis mode, enabling you to review the content you're working on.

Need to clean up your A/B versions? That's no problem either. The smart:Gate plugin offers a simple trash can icon to discard unwanted versions. Additionally, it provides default presets for saving your work and a convenient undo/redo feature for when you're experimenting with different sound adjustments.

Standard Gate with Advanced Functionality

The primary functionality of the smart:Gate plugin lies in its standard gate. The tool includes a level bias, attack threshold, release hold, and tolerance, providing a comprehensive array of features for fine-tuning your tracks.

But the functionality of the smart:Gate doesn't stop there. One of its standout features is a multiband component with three bands—lows, mids, and highs—that can be manipulated to focus more or less on specific frequencies. This allows for greater control and precision when working on your tracks.

Impressive Sound Separation

One of the most impressive features of the smart:Gate plugin is its ability to provide outstanding separation of elements within a drum loop. The plugin doesn't just separate the components, it does so without causing any damage to the original sound. This is particularly useful for those who want to remix or mix their drum loop more accurately.

Don't expect to extract stems

While it's not designed to extract stems, the plugin comes in handy during the production and mixing process. If you're looking to isolate elements of drum breaks or other samples without solely relying on volume, but also considering frequency content and specific sound properties, then the smart:Gate plugin is for you. However, it won't do miracles on busy mixes.

In Conclusion

The Sonible's smart:Gate plugin is a worthy investment for any music producer or audio engineer. With its straightforward interface, innovative features, and impressive sound separation ability, this plugin simplifies and enhances the production and mixing process. It's not overwhelming, it's innovative, and most importantly, it makes your job easier.

Thanks to Sonible, we now have a tool that allows us to refine our work in a more efficient and reliable way. So, next time you're wrestling with drum loops or samples, remember the smart:Gate plugin. It's ready to lend a hand.


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