The best AI tools for music production

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the way music is created. AI can generate music based on input data, learn from existing compositions, and even collaborate with human musicians. This technology has already produced some impressive results and is expected to continue to evolve, making music creation more accessible and efficient.

Here are some tools you should be aware of:


AIVA is an advanced AI music generator that can create soundtracks for various media including ads, video games, and movies. It allows users to develop music from scratch or create variations of existing songs without worrying about music licensing. AIVA offers a functional free version, many presets and specified music formats, and the ability to edit and modify soundtracks. With AIVA, it's easy to generate music of different genres and styles by selecting a preset style.


Algonaut Atlas 2 is an AI-powered music production software that uses machine learning algorithms to create new rhythms, harmonies, and melodies. It can study and comprehend the user's music library to generate new songs that are stylistically comparable. Atlas 2 comes with a library of ready-made sounds and allows users to import their own samples. It is a useful tool for artists, producers, and composers looking for fresh inspiration and ideas, with a user-friendly interface and MIDI file creation capability.


AudioCipher is a MIDI plugin that converts words into melodies. It can be used in conjunction with AI music tools like OpenAI Musenet to create more complex musical compositions. Users can input words to generate melodies and then refine them using AI tools. AudioCipher provides a unique way to create music using language as a starting point.


BandLab SongStarter is an AI-powered music creation tool that allows users to make original music tracks for their projects using machine learning algorithms and music theory. The user-friendly interface enables users to choose from a variety of genres, moods, and instruments and adjust the composition to fit their needs using sliders. The software can also create MIDI files that can be used with any DAW program. BandLab SongStarter is designed to be a creative tool that assists composers, songwriters, and producers in finding new ideas and inspiration, and it offers collaboration features and a developer API.


As an AI language model, ChatGPT can provide you with information, tips, and ideas related to producing music. Here are a few ways in which ChatGPT can help you:

  1. Music theory: ChatGPT can help you with the basics of music theory, such as understanding musical scales, chord progressions, and timing. You can ask questions about specific concepts or ask for general explanations.

  2. Instrumentation and sound design: ChatGPT can suggest different instruments and sounds to use in your music, depending on the genre and style you're aiming for. You can ask for advice on how to create specific sounds or how to use different effects and plugins.

  3. Song structure and arrangement: ChatGPT can help you with structuring your song and arranging different elements such as verse, chorus, and bridge. You can ask for tips on how to create a compelling melody or how to make your transitions smooth.

  4. Mixing and mastering: ChatGPT can provide you with guidance on mixing and mastering your tracks. You can ask for advice on how to balance different elements in your mix or how to add depth and dimension to your music.

  5. Inspiration and creativity: ChatGPT can suggest different techniques and approaches to spark your creativity and help you overcome writer's block. You can ask for ideas on how to get started or how to approach a specific project.


Clipchamp is a top-rated AI voice generator tool that offers a range of features and benefits. It has become one of the best options in the market due to its advanced artificial intelligence that enables it to produce highly realistic voices. One of the standout features of Clipchamp is its wide range of voices, including both male and female options, making it easy to find the perfect voice for any project. Additionally, Clipchamp's generated voices are incredibly realistic, making it a great option for creating lifelike avatars or for use in virtual reality applications. Another benefit of using Clipchamp is its user-friendliness, as users can simply type in the text they want to be spoken, and the tool will generate an audio file that can be downloaded and used in their project without needing to tweak complex settings or controls. And best of all, Clipchamp is completely free to use.

Flow Machines

Flow Machines is an AI music tool that uses deep learning algorithms to analyze existing music and generate new pieces in a similar style. It offers features such as melody and accompaniment generation, and can hybridize different styles.

Google Tone Transfer

Google Tone Transfer is an AI-based tool that enables users to transfer the style of one music piece to another. This tool is developed by Google and is based on a deep neural network that uses a large dataset of music recordings. Its main aim is to help musicians and producers create music with a specific sound or style. Users can easily transfer the "tone" of one piece of music to another in real-time using a microphone or by uploading audio files to the tool. The machine learning algorithms analyze the characteristics of the source audio and then apply them to the target audio. The tool is user-friendly and requires no technical skills. Google Tone Transfer can transfer the style of any type of music, from classical to hip-hop to electronic. Even though it's in the experimental stage, it is a promising example of how AI can enhance creativity in music production.


Humtap is an AI music app that allows users to hum a melody and generate a full song using different instruments. The app also offers the ability to add beats with a single tap and record vocals. Additionally, Humtap has video-making capabilities and allows users to save tracks and videos to their phone. However, sharing directly to social media is not available.


Jukebox by OpenAI is an AI-based music composer that uses a deep learning neural network to create music in various genres. It can generate lyrics, melodies, and harmonies, and produce different versions of the same song using different styles, moods, and instruments. Jukebox's transformer-based architecture enables it to produce diverse and coherent music. Its output can be played using any MIDI player and can be converted to other audio formats using any DAW software. Jukebox can also create music in the style of a specific artist or band by adjusting the model using a dataset of their music.


Melodrive is an AI-powered music composition tool that creates original tracks for user projects. It uses deep learning, music theory, and dynamic analysis to comprehend and react to a scene's emotional content, producing music that heightens the audience's emotional experience. Users can select the desired feeling and style on the platform, and the AI will create a song that fulfills those requirements. Melodrive also allows users to adjust the composition using sliders for tempo, difficulty, and other factors, and they can provide a reference track to make the composition sound like a particular track. This technology can be used in video games, virtual reality experiences, and other interactive media, adapting in real time to the user's actions for a dynamic and adaptable musical experience.


LANDR is a cloud-based music creation and mastering tool that uses AI to analyze and modify audio samples to produce new musical compositions. Users can submit their music samples and receive a professionally mastered version of their tune, with the option to apply different mastering techniques. While some may find it useful as a reference for mastering their own tracks, others may prefer to master their own music without relying on AI.

Lovo is an AI-powered voice generator ideal for creating realistic and high-quality voice-over projects. Its advanced technology can generate human-like voices that can be used for various types of content. The platform has a wide selection of male and female voices to choose from, ensuring that you can find the right voice for your project. Additionally, offers a refund if the results don't meet your expectations.


Melobytes is an AI-powered music composition tool that allows users to create original music in a variety of genres and styles. The program uses machine learning algorithms and music theory to generate melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, which users can modify and fine-tune to fit their needs. The user-friendly interface offers tools for composition and editing, including the ability to import and use existing samples. Melobytes also creates MIDI files, which can be used in any DAW program. The software is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and is designed to assist composers, songwriters, and producers in finding inspiration and creating new music.


MusicLM is a text-to-music generator by Google. While you can't use it yet, Google has released audio samples. The music generated by the model can identify genres and instruments, and even simulate human vocals. However, the sound quality still needs improvement as they currently sound grainy.


Murf is a top-notch AI-powered voice generator that provides various customization features to create the perfect voice for your requirements. This tool provides both male and female voice options along with a diverse range of languages to choose from. Furthermore, Murf offers several built-in sound effects that can be utilized to enhance the output further. Overall, Murf is an exceptional choice for individuals searching for the best AI voice generators, providing numerous features and customization options.


MuseNet is an online AI music generator by OpenAI. With MuseNet, users can generate music with up to ten instruments in 15 different styles, including imitations of famous composers like Mozart. The tool relies on a deep neural network trained on internet sources to evaluate music over long periods of time. Although users cannot generate their own music with MuseNet, the platform provides many AI-generated samples on SoundCloud.

Advantages of MuseNet include:

  • Multiple samples available
  • Can mimic famous composers
  • Uses a deep neural network
  • Evaluates music over extended periods.

However, this tool doesn't seem to be accessible at the moment.

My Lyrics Maker

My Lyrics Maker is an AI-powered program or website that generates song lyrics based on user-entered keywords or phrases. It can also create lyrics that match a melody input. While it can help with songwriting, it's important to edit and improve the AI-generated lyrics before use. Additionally, users must understand their country's copyright laws as some lyrics may be identical or similar to existing ones, leading to legal issues.

ORB Composer

ORB Composer is an AI-powered tool that helps composers and songwriters create fresh and creative music across various genres and styles. It uses sophisticated algorithms to generate melodies, harmonies, and rhythmic ideas, and users can edit and adjust the output to fit their needs. The user-friendly interface offers various tools for fine-tuning the output and the option to import and use your own samples. ORB Composer can also create MIDI files for use with any DAW program. It's intended to be a creative tool for finding new ideas and inspiration in music production, soundtracks, advertisements, and more.


Soundful is an intuitive AI-powered music generator that provides royalty-free background music for videos, streams, podcasts, and more. With over 50 templates from different genres, users can easily create unique tracks by customizing inputs and choosing a genre that matches their needs. Soundful's unique algorithms ensure that the music generated is always one-of-a-kind and never replicates existing songs or even Soundful's own platform. It's an ideal tool for producers who want to generate unique tracks without getting stuck creatively, creators who want to avoid copyright strikes, and brands who want affordable, studio-quality music tailored to their needs. With Soundful, you can create and download high-quality, unique tracks at the click of a button.


Soundraw is an intuitive and user-friendly AI music generator that allows you to customize songs with AI-generated phrases and other tools. The platform uses a combination of AI compositions and manual tools to enable you to create and customize new music easily. You can improvise and tune a single piece of music with the platform's customization feature. While the music generator is free for all users, unlimited downloads are available only through a subscription plan. Soundraw is compatible with Google Chrome and Premiere Pro plug-ins, making it an ideal tool for music producers and creators. With Soundraw, you can easily generate and customize new music in just a few clicks.


Tuney is a music engine that helps finish incomplete musical ideas into complete tracks through automation, working with world-class composers and producers. They offer licensed tracks to content makers and give artists a new way to earn without finishing songs, while providing a better solution for adding music to video.


Typatone turns your keyboard into a musical instrument, mapping text to tunes to make songs as you type. Using an AI mapping of letters to piano notes, Typatone creates harmonious tunes from text, even allowing users to copy and paste large chunks of text. The mobile-friendly website makes it easy to have a musical instrument with you at all times.


Uberduck AI is a cutting-edge AI tool that has gained immense popularity among rappers and TikTokers. This innovative application enables creators to create groundbreaking work by generating new music, lyrics, and video effects. With Uberduck AI, composers and filmmakers no longer have to rely solely on their own abilities and ideas. They can now take advantage of the powerful capabilities of this tool to enhance their work and take it to the next level. This state-of-the-art AI application is revolutionizing the creative process and breaking down barriers for creators everywhere.


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