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Producing music consistently is a task that can drain your creativity pretty quickly, especially if the tools and methods you use stay the same.

Hitting a plateau is something that happens to everyone. Knowing how to get over it makes the difference between a highly-proficient producer and a stale one.

An often-ostracized way of dealing with this problem is the use of loops. While this critique can make sense if the loops are used by dragging and dropping them with no extra effort, there’s more than one way they can come into place egregiously.

Flipping Loops

Taking loops and flipping them can lead to interesting results, whether you keep them recognizable or less. Among the techniques at your disposal to achieve this effect, there are pitching, harmonizing, reversing, chopping, degradation through bit reduction, noise,  distortion, and modulating effects like filters, EQs, and phasers or flangers.

Whatever adds a considerable twist to the source is welcome. The key is making the loop flow with the whole track.


Drag and drop the loop and then start building the whole musical idea. If it’s a melody, lay down the chords and the counterpoint, create a bassline, and so on. Basically, just use it as a starting point and get the thing done.

Once you’re done, you can either keep it as is, interpolate the loop with a new sound, take it off, create a new melody or use it as a foundation for a vocal topline.

To help you get over your creative block, here’s a list of high-quality sample packs by West View, a producers collective based in Milan, Italy.

Galaxy Pop

This pack features 30 original loops composed by @dlikedav & @vvenice.

This wide-ranging selection of sounds sits comfortably between radio-pop, synth wave, urban-pop, and retro influences. Glitchy melodies, lush chords, fresh plucks, and captivating basslines are all things you won’t miss in this pack.

 These loops can easily fit urban genres such as Hip Hop, Trap and Drill, too, while also doing some work for EDM as well.

Each loop is served with stems, too, so you’re free to grab only a part of it without having to deal with the whole idea.

You can see how I flipped the Andromeda loop here below:

Acoustic Escape

@antoniosassone_ is the sample maker of West View’s music production team who created this pack with both an acoustic and electric guitar, all of them carrying an Italian vibe.

Acoustic Escape loops are professionally recorded from an experienced guitarist and processed to get that new and old-school vibe. This loop kit features 30 placement-ready loops for your compositions.

This sample pack is the perfect fit for producers looking for new inspiration to create their next hit.

Considered the live and organic nature of these loops, they haven’t been cut to perfectly fit the usual 4/8/16 bars measure, so check the video here below to see how you can stretch them to make them fit your project perfectly.

Family Pack 2

WestView's Family Pack II is the ultimate one-shot sound pack for producers, but what exactly is a one-shot sound, you might ask? Simply put, a one-shot sound is a short audio clip that can be triggered at any time during a track. They can be used to create anything from punchy drum hits to atmospheric soundscapes.

The Family Pack II includes a huge variety of one-shot sounds, including drums, percussion, basses, synths, real instruments, and much more. Each sound has been crafted with care, ensuring that it sounds great and fits seamlessly into your music.


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