Iceberg Audio Sub Cut

Iceberg Audio Sub Cut is a plugin doing a thing so simple that it seems dumb that there was nothing fulfilling such a need.


The GUI is simple. You have three buttons to choose which slope you want to set.

An S button that swaps between hi-pass and lowpass.

An Auto button that allows detecting the cutoff frequency automatically in real-time.

A big cutoff frequency knob to use in case Auto is disabled.

A menu where you can choose how quickly the Auto mode behaves.

How I use it

This plugin can serve two purposes:

  • hi-passing bass sounds that might have problematic sub-bass content
  • lowpassing subs so you can later recreate the harmonics you need.

Both purposes are going to help you deal with not excellently-produced low ends.


This plugin is something that many engineers will be thankful for. I don't see it being a primary necessity for producers unless for sampling purposes.

Here you can buy Iceberg Audio Sub Cut.


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