W.A. Prod Put Me on Drums Review

Put Me On Drums does some simple stuff to drums, but it sounds great.


While I’m not a fan of techy GUIs with plenty of details, I must admit that controls are laid out nicely and intuitively.

The focus of the plugin is splitting low end and high end, and that makes a lot of sense, especially on the drum bus.

You can add some tail to your sub, tweak the punch with a bell curve EQ, add reverb, manage its stereo width, and pitch-shifting it. It also features low/hi shelves and a limiter.

The Randomizer feature is the cherry on top for the moments you’re stuck.

How I use it

This plugin is packed with presets for several sounds and genres, but it’s mainly suited for drum processing.

I believe it works the best at the beginning of the mixing chain to impart a specific sound or at the end for some fine-tuning.


I usually don’t give much credit to this kind of plugin, but I had to make an exception. This plugin focuses on what’s needed on drums and it does it in a unique interface, while it would take me several effects and probably not even get results as good as I’d do with Put Me on Drums.

Here you can buy W.A.Prod Put Me on Drums


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