Rast Sound Naturaliser new update features AAX and M1 Native compatibility

Rast Sound has unveiled a revamped version of its effect plugin that incorporates spectral and transient processing for adding slight variations to audio over time.

This updated version of the plugin, called Naturaliser, is now compatible with AAX plugin format and natively supports M1 Mac. It continuously modifies audio output so that each hit or note will never sound exactly alike.

We designed Naturaliser to address the need to eliminate monotonous sounds and it is an enjoyable tool to use.

By utilizing spectral, transient and coloring dimensions, Naturaliser generates an audio output that continually evolves.

Typically priced at 49 EUR, Naturaliser for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU, and AAX) is currently available for a limited time at a discounted price of 29 EUR.

See Naturaliser in action here


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