Twiddle Coding Mindful Harmony (Free Composition Tool)

Twiddle Coding has launched Mindful Harmony, a free online tool to assist musicians in capturing the desired emotions in their compositions using the circle of fifths. The app, created by video game composer Sebastian Karika, is available without ads on the Twiddle Coding website. 

The app was created to help musicians be more aware of harmony in their music-making process and encourages them to use the circle of fifths as a foundation for their compositions.

Mindful Harmony is built on the concept of the circle of fifths and offers several features that are centered around it, including the ability to make purposeful modulations, quickly find available chords in a given scale, and experiment with harmony to expand musical vocabulary. 

The app features piano, strings, guitar, and chip instruments, and users can create chord progressions using the circle of fifths as a reference. The interface allows for changing chord extensions and voicings on the fly. 

According to Karika, the inspiration for Mindful Harmony came from his experience as a video game composer, where he struggled to manually make modulations between different modes. He created an excel document to help with this process, which eventually led to the development of Mindful Harmony. The app is free and accessible to anyone interested in exploring harmony in music-making.

Mindful Harmony is currently in beta, with Karika actively working on testing and resolving any bugs before a full release. As this is the first time the app is being made available to the public, Karika is seeking support from users who find it useful. 

Karika has encouraged users to buy him a coffee if they like the tool, as it will serve as motivation for him to continue providing the service and further develop the app.

If you wish, you can support the ad-free development via the official website or on Karika’s ko-fi page.

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