Ghost Syndicate - Hyades (Liquid Drum & Bass Masterclass)

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Smooth Liquid Drum & Bass.

In this masterclass, Marco goes through the project of a Liquid Drum & Bass track by Ghost Syndicate, a well-established sample label.

A project with few stems that still manage to carry a lot of energy.
With a final result of -6 Short Term LUFS, you'll learn how to tighten up drums, beef up the low end while controlling and crafting its tone, bring the midrange to life and add the final polish with mastering.

Duration: 28min

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Learn new techniques

Take a look at all the techniques used to take a track to its final form.

See them in action to learn how and why they work in context.

Learn the process

Taking a raw mix and bringing it to shine might look like a daunting task.

Learn how to manage entire projects step by step.

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