Excite Audio Lifeline Console Review

Excite Audio Lifeline Console is a creative modular channel strip that brings recordings to life with the warmth and charm of analog audio processing.

While there are several plugins like this on the market, I’ve found Lifeline Console to have a few edges over the competition, thanks to its blend of analog sound and digital features.


The GUI is incredibly clean and intuitive. The info line at the bottom of the plugin explains whichever control you’re pointing at.

Each module has a Main and Advanced mode, with a toggle that expands the module and reveals more controls as you turn the Advanced mode on.

All modules are sortable by dragging and dropping them.

The modules available are:

  • Preamp
  • Compressor
  • EQ
  • Pitch Modulator
  • Wear

Each module has Mid/Side and L/R processing.

The GUI is resizable.

The preset library is well structured, and the “favorite” option is as intuitive as liking an Instagram post.

The only con of the GUI is that it requires horizontal scrolling as soon as you expand one or more modules. I don’t know if making the whole thing resizing would have been annoying, but that’s a minor thing in the big picture.

How I use it

This plugin has found a place in my mixing arsenal, and it’s a valid option for production, too, especially if you’re into genres like Rock, Indie, Pop, Hip Hop, and Lo-Fi.

I’m a big fan of the preamp module!

It has a handful of presets for any kind of purpose, so you can just throw it, select whatever flavor you want, and fine-tune the preset to taste.
It’s one of those plugins that can push a mix to higher levels if you compound multiple instances here and there!


Unlike some other popular competitors, Excite Audio Lifeline Console has the pluses of expandable and rearrangeable modules, making it incredibly flexible.

The number of presets available is nothing to ignore.

Here you can buy Excite Audio Lifeline Console


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