Melda Production MWaveshaper Inflator Presets (Free Download)

In this blog, we delve into the world of wave shaping and how you can use the Melda Production MWaveshaper to elevate your audio mixes.

The MWaveshaper is essentially a wave shaper, and its presets operate on these curves at different dynamic ranges. Each node is carefully placed at a 6 dB difference (-12, -18, -24, etc.). It’s a tool that enhances your mixes without needing to use compressed sources, saturators, or distortions, which can sometimes be distractive.

Using these presets can be a powerful tool when used carefully. It's important to remember that these presets are most effective when the line of your audio track sits well above the node on average, avoiding over-saturation.

The presets can vary significantly. Some, like the -42 and -48 presets, offer more subtle enhancement, while others may yield more dramatic effects. However, even when used subtly, the MWaveshaper does a remarkable job of adding a bit of extra sparkle to your audio.

Where you place the inflator presets within your mix can drastically change the effect. Placing it closer to the curve can result in a floor noise effect, which might be desirable for heavy processing or sound design. But if you're looking to maintain clarity in your mix, you'll want to keep it lower.

The MWaveshaper presets are not just for the master track, they can be incredibly powerful on any kind of channel. For instance, using them sparingly on instrument, drum, or FX buses can bring a new depth to your overall mix.

These inflator presets enhance perceived loudness by boosting the tails and low-level passages. This approach allows you to reshape the lower dynamic range where most details reside. By bringing up these subtle elements, you increase the perceived loudness without squashing the upper dynamic range.

The presets differ by 6dB each, offering a range of options to suit your sound without causing distortion. This method is more effective than tweaking the input and output, which can behave unpredictably in the plugin. Having multiple presets is a quicker way to ensure optimal results.

In conclusion, the Melda Production MWaveshaper is a potent tool that offers a straightforward way to enhance your mixes subtly. By utilizing these inflator presets, you can elevate the richness and loudness of your audio without heavy processing.

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