MeldaProduction MFreeFormPhase Phase Rotation Presets (Free Download)

The MFreeFormPhase plugin, which is free from MeldaProduction, offers an array of presets that help in achieving the perfect phase rotation for your mixes. Despite its inherent capabilities, it lacked comprehensive full-spectrum phase rotation presets. This is where we step in, offering our own custom presets to fill this void.

In the video example, I rotated each copy of the same 100 Hz sine wave by 15 degrees each, giving you options from -90 to -150 degrees. The differences may seem minute, but they have a significant impact on your sound. Each degree rotation alters the phase position of the sine wave, providing a level of fine-tuning unattainable with conventional phase inversion or flipping methods.

Typically, inverting the polarity equals rotating the phase by 180 degrees. But what if you need a 60-degree difference? Using the inversion method will result in a 120 degrees difference, which is not always optimal. With our MFreeFormPhase presets, however, you can fine-tune your phase relationships and minimize destructive interference down to a barely perceptible seven to eight-degree margin.

These presets allow you to adjust the phase of your bass, sub-bass, or kick drum, ensuring they work harmoniously together. The outcome? A solid, robust low-end where elements are locked together, contributing constructively rather than canceling each other out.

Here’s a handy tip for using this kind of processing on three or more low-end elements: 

  1. Begin with your kick and sub-bass. 
  2. Apply the MFreeFormPhase plugin to one or the other.
  3. Adjust the phase until these elements are locked in.
  4. Then, apply the MFreeFormPhase to a third element.
  5. Adjust it until it aligns perfectly with the kick and sub-bass. 

This ensures that all three elements are phase-aligned and work well together, contributing to a richer, fuller mix.

These phase rotation presets provide a straightforward yet effective way to ensure phase coherence in your mixes. They offer an improved level of control and flexibility in sculpting the phase relationships of your tracks.

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