David Guetta on AI in music production

During this year's Brit Awards, David Guetta, a well-known DJ and music producer, expressed his belief that AI is the way forward for the music industry.

In an interview with the BBC at the event, Guetta stated that he is certain that AI will play a critical role in the future of music. However, he also emphasized that AI should be viewed as a tool and not as a replacement for artistic taste.

Guetta further added that an artist's unique taste and emotions are what defines their art, and modern instruments, including AI, should be used to express them.

David Guetta drew comparisons between AI's development and the creation of iconic music instruments such as the TR-909 and sampler, stating that AI might define new musical genres.

He believes that new music styles have always emerged from innovative technology, and without electric guitars, there would be no rock 'n' roll, no acid house without the Roland TB-303, no hip-hop without the sampler. In a recent live performance, Guetta used AI technology to create a deepfake sample of Eminem's voice, which he integrated into a song.

Guetta explained that he used AI websites that allow users to write lyrics in an artist's style and recreate their voice to produce the sample.

The Grammy-winning producer shared the results online to spark discussions and create awareness.

While some people thought the sample was "genius," others were outraged, but Guetta stated that he had no intention of releasing the record, as it is impossible to think of it as a real collaboration, even though it sounds like Eminem.


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