Audialab’s Emergent Drums is the new DALL-E for sound design

Audialab's Emergent Drums is a groundbreaking plugin that utilizes the power of AI to revolutionize sound generation in digital audio workstations.

The future of music production is bright, with AI technology advancing rapidly to revolutionize the industry. AI-powered sound generation can help you generate a multisample that matches your exact specifications in just a few taps of the keyboard. In just a few years, it's likely to be readily available to anyone with a digital audio workstation (DAW), offering limitless possibilities in music production.

Audialab's Emergent Drums is a revolutionary VST3/AU drum machine that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate original drum samples, making it the world's first AI-based drum machine. With a growing dataset and the ability to train itself further, Emergent Drums offers countless variations on classic drum sounds and noise-based percussive sounds. However, note that the plugin requires a connection to Audialab's servers to generate sounds and cannot be used offline.

Artificial intelligence has been integrated into music-making tools for years, but the next generation of AI-powered plugins is revolutionizing sound generation. Emergent Drums, the world's first AI-based drum machine, generates original drum samples, while plugins like iZotope's Neutron 4 and Focusrite's FAST collection use AI to fine-tune existing sounds. The difference is that new AI-based plugins enable the invention of entirely new sounds.

While some may be concerned about the impact of AI-generated sounds on the future of sound design, tools like Emergent Drums augment the creative process rather than replace it. Although not every sound designer may adopt this workflow, there is always a place for those who can create sounds from scratch, and Emergent Drums provides an alternative for the uninitiated.


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