The problem of AI training with Music

Recent controversies surrounding creative visual AIs have centered on whether they have been trained on copyrighted material without proper permission, credit, or licensing fees.

This has led to concern in the music industry, with rightsholders warning that their artists need to be compensated for the AIs that learn from their music.

However, the CEO of AI music startup Endel suggests that the problem for musical AIs may not be that they have been trained on copyrighted music, but that they haven't.

To create high-quality music, AIs need to be trained on actual commercial music, rather than just stock music or stems created by session musicians.

This means collaborating with music labels and obtaining licenses. While this approach may alleviate concerns about copyright infringement, it also highlights the delicate balance between the music industry and AI music development.

It remains to be seen whether AI music will present the same challenges as creative AIs in the visual arts and design.

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